Photograph of William F. Buckley, Jr. interviewing Milton Friedman remotely on "Firing Line with William F. Buckley, Jr. program s0879 "What Do We Owe Our Country?" 13 December 1990.
Item Title: What Do We Owe Our Country?
Date: December 13, 1990
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Title of Larger Work:
Firing Line
Collection Title: Firing Line broadcast records
Host: Buckley, William F., Jr., 1925-2008
Guest: Friedman, Milton, 1912-2006
Moderator: Kinsley, Michael E.
Description: "Mr. Buckley," as Mr. Kinsley puts it, "will be required to defend himself from charges of apostasy by a conservative even better credentialed than himself." WFB's book Gratitude had proposed a year's national service between high school and college. Fasten your seatbelt and watch these two old comrades-in-arms have at it. MF: "You, of all people ... somebody who's spent his life trying to fight the overgrown government, who's spent his life defending the virtues of individual freedom, of the free market, and here you come up with a program that's the opposite of everything you've stood for all your life." ... WFB: "We live in a society in which young people and older people don't give any evidence of gratitude for what it is that we inherit, and I'm looking for the redevelopment of an ethos that causes people to show that they are willing to reciprocate." MF: "The question is, why is it that we have had so much of a reduction in the sense of gratitude? In my opinion it's primarily because we've been doing so much through government ... and as a result we have destroyed a sense of individual responsibility and responsibility to one another."
Notes: Video available through Amazon.
Dimensions: Duration: 30 minutes
Publication Type(s): Interviews & TV Appearances ; Discussions & Debates
Medium: television programs
Format: Moving Image, Text
Record Number: 80040.1134

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