Collected Works of Milton Friedman

The Collected Works of Milton Friedman website contains more than 1,500 digital items by and about economist, Nobel Prize winner, and Hoover fellow Milton Friedman. The site features hundreds of Friedman's articles, speeches, lectures, television appearances, and more. Explore this vast collection by clicking one of the options below or by entering keywords into the quick search box. Wrap multiple terms in quotation marks for best results. This site was first published in 2012 as Milton and Rose Friedman: An Uncommon Couple.

Read and listen to Friedman’s reflections on other notable economists, as well as on his own life.
Friedman Legacy
View written and video tributes to Friedman, many of which were created in response to his death on November 16, 2006, or to commemorate the centennial of his birth on July 31, 2012.
Read Friedman’s works discussing monetary policy, inflation, the Federal Reserve System, and other macroeconomic issues.
Read “An Interview with Milton Friedman on Methodology” and other works by Friedman relating to economic reasoning.
Read Friedman’s works involving price elasticity, demand curves, and other microeconomic principles.
Public Policy
Read, watch, and listen to Friedman’s commentary regarding public policy issues such as school vouchers, the volunteer army, free trade, fiscal responsibility, drugs, and tax reform.
Read Friedman’s statistical writings published in Techniques of Statistical Analysis, Journal of the American Statistical Association, and other mathematical publications.
Technical Economics
Read Friedman’s works on general economic issues, including his weeklong exchange, “Nobel Money Duel,” with Canadian economist and Nobel Prize winner Robert Mundell, published in Canada’s National Post.
Academic Articles & Publications
Read articles and other works that were published in academic journals such as the Journal of Political Economy; American Economic Review; and Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking.
View bibliographic citations for books written by Milton and Rose Friedman, with links to books that have been digitized by their publishers.
Congressional Testimony
Read and watch official statements given by Friedman to various congressional committees on economic and monetary policy.
Discussions & Debates
Read and watch Friedman's debates and discussions with other economists and public figures, including his appearances on the television show Firing Line.
Interviews & TV Appearances
Watch Friedman on The Phil Donahue Show, C-SPAN, Uncommon Knowledge, and every episode of his television series, Free to Choose. Also read his interviews in periodicals such as Newsweek, Forbes, and Reason.
Lectures & Addresses
Listen to and read transcripts of some of Friedman’s most memorable speeches, including the entire Milton Friedman Speaks lecture series and his weekly Economics Cassette Series.
Letters to the Editor
Read letters written to the editors of the Wall Street Journal, National Review, New York Times, and more.
Read writings by Milton Friedman that were never formally published.
Read Friedman’s Newsweek columns, written between 1966 and 1984, in which he discussed economics, public policy, and current events, and opinion pieces written for other publications such as the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and National Review.
Other Articles
Read Friedman’s works on public policy, economics, and other topics written for the general public.
Prefaces & Reviews
View Friedman’s introductions to and commentary on publications written by others.
Moving Images
Watch video recordings of Friedman’s lectures, speeches, and television appearances. Web links to videos hosted on other websites are included.
View posters that accompanied the episodes of the 1980s Free to Choose television series.
Sound Recordings
Listen to digitized audio recordings of Friedman’s speeches and lectures, including the Economics Cassette Series and Milton Friedman Speaks lecture series.
Still Images
View images of Milton and Rose Friedman.
Read and search transcriptions of articles, op-eds, lectures, and more. Web links to textual material hosted on other websites are included.
Browse bibliographic citations for works that are not available from the Hoover Institution or accessible online.

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