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Chicago boys and Latin American market reformers collection
The Chicago Boys refers to a group of Latin American economists, many of whom were trained at the University of Chicago under Milton Friedman and Arnold Harberger, who advocated for libertarian economic theories. The collection includes sound recordings and transcripts of interviews conducted by Tobias Switzer and William E. Ratliff, with associated material.
Collected Works of Milton Friedman Project records
Photocopies and transcriptions of works by Friedman, including articles, speeches, correspondence, and other writings. The material was compiled and edited by Robert Leeson and Charles G. Palm for publication as a multivolume collection of Friedman’s works. The project, which did not reach fruition, was sponsored in part by the Hoover Institution.
Commonwealth Club of California records
The Commonwealth Club of California is a private, nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, California, that focuses on the nonpartisan study of international, national, state, and local public issues. The collection contains minutes, correspondence, reports, and sound and video recordings. This website contains 12 sound recordings of speeches by Friedman given at club events between 1977 and 1998.
Lee Edwards papers
Lee Edwards is a historian of American conservatism and a distinguished fellow of conservative thought at The Heritage Foundation. Edwards’ papers consist of correspondence, speeches and writings, research materials, and sound recordings of interviews. Edwards interviewed Friedman on several occasions during the 1990s.
Firing Line broadcast records
With 1,505 installments over 33 years, Firing Line is the longest-running public affairs show with a single host, William F. Buckley Jr., in television history. The collection includes videotapes, transcripts, and photographs. Friedman appeared as a guest on several episodes between 1968 and 1990.
Free to Choose video tape
Free to Choose was a television series, originally broadcast on PBS in 1980, that focused on laissez-faire economics and featured Friedman. In 1990, the series was rebroadcast with introductions by notable figures such as Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The collection includes motion picture film, audio tapes, correspondence, memoranda, and other material used to create the program.
Milton Friedman papers
Friedman’s papers include a variety of materials relating to economic theory, economic conditions in the United States, and governmental economic policy. The materials reveal his thoughts and expertise through extensive correspondence, speeches and writings, research materials, photographs, and sound and video recordings.
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace records
These records document the history and operation of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. Although this collection is closed, a few items concerning Friedman have been formally opened.
Institute for Humane Studies miscellaneous records
The Institute for Human Studies was established in 1961 in Menlo Park, California, by Dr. F. A. Harper. The institute focuses on "research and education in the conviction that greater understanding of human affairs and freedom would foster peace, prosperity, and social harmony." The records contain correspondence, memoranda, and sound recordings of lectures by economists and others, including Friedman.
Mont Pèlerin Society records
The Mont Pèlerin Society is an international organization made up of economists, philosophers, historians, and others committed to strengthening the principles and practice of a free society. It was established in 1947 when 36 scholars, including Milton Friedman, were invited by Friedrich Hayek to meet at Mont Pèlerin to discuss liberalism. The records include correspondence, conference papers, minutes, sound recordings, and photographs relating to economic policy, laissez-faire economics, and liberty.
Poster collection
The collection contains political posters from more than eighty countries. Included are promotional posters created for Free to Choose, which feature cartoon drawings of Friedman in different scenarios based on the topic of each episode.
Uncommon Knowledge video tapes
Uncommon Knowledge is a public policy talk show produced by the Hoover Institution. First broadcast in 1996, it features Hoover research fellow Peter M. Robinson discussing economic, political, and social issues with political leaders, distinguished scholars, leading journalists, and others, including Milton Friedman on multiple occasions. The collection includes videorecordings, sound recordings, and transcripts.

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